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Absorbing Lives

The Face of a Rogue

"Desperate times call for desperate measures in Anderson's dystopic future. As the divide between social classes rages on, succubus-like Changers are pitted against the stubborn and rebellious Punks, with malicious and benevolent Infiltrators posing threats at every turn."

The BookLife Prize from Publishers Weekly


Anderson offers an often captivating and well-plotted dystopian story. Presents a chilling reality marked by stark societal divisions and oppression. Written in a commanding and hard-hitting style, Anderson's prose effectively conveys the tension and terror of a world erupting in chaos, with a doomed love affair at its center.

The BookLife Prize by Publishers Weekly

Absorbing Lives takes place in a fascinating world with a lot of really cool concepts. It’s clear that the Andersons gave serious thought to the society and technology that anchors their story. I really loved the premise and underlying conflict of the book..

Laura B. (Amazon Review)


Anderson presents a cast of memorable characters that expose human nature at its cruelest: power hungry and bent on genocidal annihilation. Others are vibrant and relatable, expressing an authentic range of emotional responses to trauma.

Absorbing Lives - The BookLife Prize by Publishers Weekly

Anderson capably creates a dark and cruel multidimensional story with memorable imagery.

Absorbing Lives - The BookLife Prize by Publishers Weekly

"It's not the shithole you're in, my friend. It's who you're in it with that matters."

~ Ryker ~


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